Who I Am

Hello, my name is Severin Hannula but on the internet I go by my artist name Severin Aegir.

Music speaks to the soul and for me it was and is a source of healing. 2 years ago I was getting hit with a PTSD episode and a woman asked me “are you ok?”

I had tears streaming down my face and was shaking violently.

With an unsteady voice I answered “No, but I will be, I have this” and held up my Pioneer DDJ Controller. During times of emotional and mental crisis I would put on my headphones and turn the experiences of this janky body into a universal language. 

My music career started with that little controller. It helped me process the underbelly of this existence.

After about a year I found that mixing music gave me instant satisfaction, relief and was a wonderful creative outlet, but… I wanted more control. The natural progression was to begin producing.

The first few months in Ableton were rough. It took me multiple tries to learn how to make a sound come out of the software! After owning the software for perhaps a month I decided to write 100 songs in 100 days. Well I got to day 65 before I realized that constant creation had given my song writing ability a huge bump but I was feeling stagnant in other areas.

Now I’ve found a groove that satisfies the creative need while leaving space for the human element. Sometimes a week will pass and I will write nothing, won’t even touch the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Other times I’ll obsess for 24 hours and put out music that I believe other humans will connect with. 

For that’s the end goal, connection. More specifically connection through love. Listening to, and producing music for me is a source of love. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the music.

~Severin Aegir

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA0K_RnGy0g28Aptqgf2EHQ

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